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We are Macro Art, a specialist digital printing company with over 20 years of experience. We were the first to invest in 5m wide print technology. Now we are established as one of the largest and most respected large format print centres in Europe.

We combine our knowledge, experience and professionalism with continual investment in cutting edge art print technology. As a result, we can produce high quality bespoke large format printing, along with a number of other printing services.

Professional Large Format Printing

and Other Digital Services

At Macro Art we run 4, 5 meter wide machines that print on a wide range of materials for indoor and outdoor media. We use UV machines for large format printing as they are more efficient and do not use solvents. The equipment uses an ultraviolet lamp behind the print head so that the print is cured at the same time as printing, eliminating the need for heat to dry the image.

Dye sublimation printing means we can produce graphics that are bespoke and durable. We also have a wide range of textiles that can be printed and we are always introducing more options to our fabric printing solution. The flexibility of this type of print makes it ideal for uses at outdoor events and festivals.

Banners are widely used for event advertisements and temporary way-finding information. A wide range of printable materials are available for our banner printing services. These include laminate for short term banners, PVC for longer term exterior banners, mesh for outdoors banners, canvases for café barriers and a number of other textiles. The banners supplied by Macro Art have welded hems as a standard, which helps to strengthen the material at its edges which is used to hang or attach the banner. The hems can also be stitched on request.

Macro Art can also provide exhibition solutions. As exhibitions require diverse and sometimes ambitious solutions, bespoke exhibition structures are manufactured from aluminium. Due to the lightweight features of this metal, it is ideal for use as unusual and hanging structures in exhibition halls. Various lighting systems can be incorporated into these stands before or during the installation.

Macro Art: Excellence in Digital Printing

Industry specialists and leaders in large format printing, we offer a number of bespoke printing services. We have extensive experience with dye sublimation and textile printing, and use the latest UV equipment along with a wide range of high quality printable materials. Contact us for bespoke tailored solutions for your business.